The Ultimate Kratom Strains Guide Book

Kratom in each type of vein color varies distinctively from one another

It seems as if there are dozens of different strains of kratom. However, while there may be several (even hundreds?) of options available today, there’s only a handful of strains that make up the whole bunch. As a matter of fact, there are only three kratom strains namely Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein.

It is quite interesting to note that despite being the same plant, kratom in each type of vein color varies distinctively from one another. All three vein color types provide a unique set of effects because of the difference in their alkaloid profiles. The reason behind this is that each vein color type is independently grown in a particular environmental condition. This also suggests that both the strain and vein color type determine the potency and the medicinal effects that will be produced accurately and efficiently.

The reason why there appears to be so many strains is for different reasons – one supplier may call each red, green or white a specific name in order to differentiate which farmer he got it from. Another supplier may just combine two different greens together – or a white and red and then give it another name. These so-called “sub-strains” will be discussed further in the succeeding sections.

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