Hemp, CBD Likely Will Be Illegal In NC By Friday, Barring Last-Minute Legislative Action

Despite broad bipartisan support , potential solutions have stalled

State lawmakers rebuffed two opportunities Tuesday to potentially uphold the legality of hemp production and sales in North Carolina.

Without last-minute intervention, the hemp industry — which includes production of several popular CBD products — will be illegal by Friday.

Hemp has long sparked controversy. But while marijuana can contain high percentages of THC, hemp must by definition contain 0.3% or less. The plant’s production and distribution were legalized several years ago, but only under a probationary pilot program. That temporary authorization is scheduled to expire at the end of June.

Despite broad bipartisan support for maintaining hemp’s legality, potential solutions have stalled in the legislature. Senate Bill 762, known as the 2022 Farm Act, was originally written with language removing hemp from the state’s list of illegal drugs, starting June 30. But the bill only made progress in the House of Representatives after the Agriculture Committee voted to remove sections on hemp last week.

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