4/20: A Retailer’s Dream Day

420 has traditionally been a massive economic boom for businesses

For decades, significant days on the calendar have been used far and wide to promote consumer sales nationwide. You have January White Sales, Presidents Day Discounts, Fourth of July Specials, Back to School, Black Friday, Cyber Monday—you get the idea.

So it’s no surprise that April 20th, a widespread day of cannabis celebration, has become a hugely commercial day for smoke shops, dispensaries, internet companies and every other entity wishing to capitalize on the magic of 4/20. This is a day that, if approached properly, will heat up the cash register and, more importantly, enhance the credibility of the retailer.

Special 4/20 sales are, of course, a no-brainer. This is a date where consumption is de rigeur, a time when cannabis lovers say: “What the hell! I’m gonna enjoy myself today to the fullest.” More than a few take vacation days from their workplaces—or simply call in sick. With so many planning a day of gleeful revelry, the volume of sales on April 20th more than make up for price cuts.

Raffles for cannabis products and smoking accessories are commonplace. Many smoke shops and dispensaries go the extra mile, hiring entertainers and bands to perform. Inviting celebrities to make appearances further fuels the day’s sales.

The 4/20 day of celebration hasn’t been lost upon the businesses that exist outside the cannabis sphere either. In liberal municipalities, especially those with college campuses, eateries are aware that an epidemic of “munchies” will result on this day. So pizzerias, shake shops, hamburger joints regularly join in the fun, advertising their likeminded sensibility by offering a variety of tempting treats for 4/20 celebrants.

Keeping the focus on legalization is not only important for the cannabis community is often neglected in all the merriment. But this is a day when consumers are most apt to pledge their support to the causes that advocate for legalization and the perils that both consumers and retailers continue to face. Allowing activist organizations the space to garner signatures and solicit donations lets customers know that you stand with them. Moreover, donating a portion of 4/20 proceeds to activist causes is both noble and needed.

With each passing year, the significance of April 20th increases. Whether it will ever become a federal holiday is doubtful. But the celebration broadens and strengthens, demonstrating the ever-increasing favorability toward the cannabis plant.

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