Once Again, April 20th Is Here!

The 420 phenomenon is certainly not a secret anymore

The twentieth of April. It’s the logical extension of 4:20 in clock time and is now the unofficial, official holiday celebrated by cannabis lovers around the world.

The phrase “420” was coined by a group of students at San Rafael High School in California nearly a half-century ago. It was their secret code for meeting and smoking together at 4:20 in the afternoon. Eventually, “Let’s 420” meant, “Let’s smoke up!” regardless of the time of day. And today, 4/20 has become a worldwide event, cherished by millions and covered extensively by the mainstream media.

The 420 phenomenon is certainly not a secret anymore. Employers know about; teachers know about; and police definitely know about it!

In the states where cannabis is still not legal—medically or recreationally—April 20th is a time for civil disobedience, via public smokeouts, or secret sessions with one’s cannabis compatriots. For the fortunate cannabis fans living in “legal states,” 420 celebrations are enormous and take on every form imaginable, from concerts to comprehensive legalization forums.

Never forget that the fight for cannabis legalization is far from over. There are many states that continue to arrest and imprison people for minor offenses. Many patients can’t get access to medicine that will alleviate their suffering. And there are many lawmakers who would rather wage a war on its own citizens than grant them the freedoms that the Constitution has stipulated we deserve.

April 20th is a time of celebration. But take a moment to acknowledge the work ahead and recommit yourself to freeing this miraculous plant for everyone.

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