Vermont To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Vermont becomes the 11th state to allow adult use cannabis

Vermont will become the 11th state in the nation to allow sales of marijuana for recreational use after Gov. Phil Scott (R) said this week he would not veto a measure passed by the state legislature.

Scott had vetoed an earlier marijuana legalization bill that did not include specific funding directives he had sought.

But in a letter to legislators this week, Scott said he would allow the latest bill to become law without his signature. He said the measure included a sufficient amount of funding to education and prevention campaigns designed to keep children off marijuana, and the implementation of a roadside saliva test aimed at curbing driving under the influence.

Scott said more work remained. He called for further legislation that would open the legal market to more minority- and women-owned businesses.

Vermont will now begin crafting the regulatory structures that will lead to legal pot sales. The legislation creates a cannabis control board that will establish the rules, along with a significant 14 percent excise tax on all marijuana products.

The first marijuana shops are likely to open by 2022, after the new rules are finalized.

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