Industry Watches As Markets Wrestle With Regulations For Hemp Intoxicants Such As Delta-8 THC

More than a dozen states have taken up legislation so far this year

If states are the laboratories of democracy, as the saying goes, those labs are getting some surprising results this year as they experiment with ways to regulate hemp derivatives in the face of federal inaction on the rise of intoxicating cannabinoids made from newly legal hemp plants.

More than a dozen states have taken up legislation so far this year to either ban or regulate the conversion of hemp extracts into intoxicating cannabinoids such as delta-8 THC.

With few exceptions, the experiments were as messy as a homemade baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano.

Take Tennessee for example.

Lawmakers in Nashville couldn’t decide whether to ban delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived intoxicants entirely or side with hemp operators and pass a bill to set some safety standards to address a flood of unregulated and possibly dangerous lab-created products derided as “frankenweed.”

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