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How Can I Avoid Thefts In My Stores?

Retail store owners need to implement tips for shoplifting prevention

Organized retail crime (ORC) has progressively worsened over the years, and many retailers are suffering and losing at least 30 billion dollars yearly. Theft can happen from anyone at any time, including employees and customers – even children. Merchants must constantly watch their backs and prioritize preventing anyone from stealing from their store. With the help of your employees, a security camera system, a high-tech point of sale system, and a panic alarm button, it can be possible to improve security, safety, and profitability at your establishment.

Many retailers might not know how to stop theft at their stores when faced with shoplifting, said Elie Y. Katz, president and CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS). Installing security cameras at a store is advisable, especially when checking for suspicious activity.

“Employees, for instance, may give off the impression that they are trustworthy, when they are actually not acting ethically. A security camera can help monitor employees’ activity and customer interactions, even when the merchant is not around the store. Some POS companies offer a service wherein transaction data can be overlaid real-time onto the store’s DVR footage to deter and catch theft,” Katz said. “However, it might also be a good idea to teach staff members to watch for and report any questionable behavior, whether customers or employees acting strangely. For instance, fraternizing closely with specific customers repeatedly at the register, constantly looking around nervously or snooping in the supply closet, working on a task for too long a period of time, working outside of business hours, being closed off, etc. The list goes on, but it is always wise to look out for odd behaviors in employees.”

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