Governor Signs Bill To Increase Tax On All Tobacco Products In Maine

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Joyce “Jay” McCreight

 In an effort to improve public health in the state, Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill into law Tuesday, July 2, designed to prevent the use of tobacco among Mainers.

The bill, “An Act To Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use with Adequate Funding and by Raising the Tax on Tobacco Products”, was sponsored by Rep. Joyce “Jay” McCreight (D-Harpswell). 

“To reduce the toll taken on the health of Mainers, on health care costs, on loss of worker productivity, and on our state budget, we need to both prevent youth from becoming tobacco users and support current tobacco users of any age to quit,” said McCreight in a statement, regarding the initiative for the bill. “This comprehensive approach will provide the incentives and resources needed to protect Mainers from the health risks associated with tobacco use.”

The new law will equalize the tax on all tobacco products to be in line with the 43% tax on the wholesale price of cigarettes.

For instance, if the tax on cigarettes increases, the tax on these other tobacco products — including pipe tobacco, small and large cigars, and e-cigarette products — will be adjusted to match the rate of tax increase.

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