Iowa Hemp Law Now In Force Despite Court Challenges

The challenge argued that federal law supersedes Iowa’s law

Iowa’s new hemp law went into effect Monday, only days after a lawsuit contesting the statute was denied and another challenge was filed.

A U.S. district judge for the Southern District of Iowa on Friday rejected a request by two THC drink makers to limit enforcement of the state’s new law restricting THC in consumable hemp products to 4 milligrams per serving and 10 milligrams per container, The Gazette of Cedar Rapids reported.

The statute, signed into law by Iowa’s governor in May, also mandates that such products include a warning label.

The two plaintiffs – Climbing Kites in Des Moines and Field Day Brewing in North Liberty – argued that federal law supersedes Iowa’s in terms of packaging and label requirements for food.

However, Judge Stephanie Rose wrote in her ruling that, although she found Iowa’s House File 2605 vague, “those concerns were not raised by the plaintiffs,” according to The Gazette, nor did they prove federal law usurps the state statute.

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