How Hemp Growers Can Employ Crop Scouting For Pests, Diseases

Preventing a pest outbreak before it gets out of hand is the ultimate goal

More than 300 insects, spiders and mites are found on or near cannabis plants.

While the vast majority of insects don’t cause economically significant damage, preventing a pest outbreak before it gets out of hand is the ultimate goal of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, according to Charlie McKenzie, founder of Florida-based CropWalk, a national IPM consultancy for high-value, controlled environment crops like cannabis.

Crucial to an IPM plan is proper crop scouting, yet McKenzie sees many growers failing at the task. CropWalk recently launched an online academy teaching foundational IPM skills, including crop scouting.

“They are either not scouting at all because of the fear of not doing it right or not having it set up,” McKenzie said.

“Or they’re scouting but don’t have the full foundational nature of what to be looking for and how to be looking for it.”

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