It’s Opening Day At CHAMPS In Atlantic City!

Doors are now open at CHAMPS 9th show in the ‘City by the Sea’

Fresh ocean breezes are blowing in at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Over 320 vendors have erected their booths and members of the cannabis world, numbering in the thousands, are flowing into this massive expanse of trade show space.

In 2011, CHAMPS first looked eastward to explore new venues for its events. Atlantic City was the choice, affording attendees the opportunity to engage in robust commerce, but also enjoy the magic of this magnificent shore side municipality. And what could be a better end to a day of moving merchandise than beaches, boardwalks, casinos and top-name entertainers?

As the industry has evolved, CHAMPS has mirrored its growth. The first CHAMPS event took place 20 years ago, a relatively small affair that featured the pioneer distributors who launched the glass smokeware industry. Each following event saw CHAMPS increase its reach – more booths, more attendees and more appreciation as a trusted trade show. Now, with legalization spreading across the country, CHAMPS welcomes the new companies entering the cannabis marketplace.

The glass smokeware industry continues to be a mainstay of CHAMPS. Without a doubt, you’ll find every species of pipe in existence here. But the variety of vendors who set up shop these days is astounding!

With the emergence of CBD-infused products, scores of businesses touting its benefits now populate the landscape—and they’re here at CHAMPS! Furthermore, the companies that support dispensaries via financial services are on the trade show floor. Health supplement producers, kratom distributors and accessories for the cannabis lifestyle are in abundance.

It’s also significant to note that the Glass Games is now celebrating its tenth year of competition. The Games are an on-site competition pitting top glass artists against each in a contest of true creativity. The Games are held at each CHAMPS event throughout the year, culminating in a Masters Final that features the winners at each show.

In Atlantic City, 40 elite glass artists will light their torches and produce one-of-a-kind creations that are judged by an expert panel. It’s an awe-inspiring, visual experience, which naturally is shared widely on Instagram and other social media platforms.

CHAMPS also welcomes Deanna Clark-Esposito, Esq. of Clark-Esposito Law Firm P.C. who will be the MC for our Day 2 Seminar “Navigating the Vape Industry – FDA Compliance for Importers, Manufacturers, and Retailers” at 2PM – 3:30PM in Room 310.

This is CHAMPS’ second show of 2019, with four more events scheduled for Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver and Chicago. But right now, cannabis wholesalers and retailers have come together here in Atlantic City, to do business and move this vibrant industry forward.

Remember, CHAMPS is B2B trade show. It’s not open to the public. But admission is free to qualified buyers. We hope to see you here over the next three days!

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