DeSantis Vetoes New Proposed Hemp Restrictions

The veto is a major win for the hemp industry

Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed a bill that sought to bring new restrictions to Florida’s rapidly growing hemp industry, saying the new regulatory controls would have strangled small businesses that have opened because of hemp.

What happened: The bill, SB 1698, would have restricted sales of hemp-derived products that include alternative forms of THC, which are marketed to provide the same effects as marijuana. DeSantis wrote in a transmittal letter about the veto that the goals of the bill were commendable but the burden on small businesses would be too much.

“The bill would, in fact, impose debilitating regulatory burdens on small businesses and almost certainly fail to achieve its purposes,” DeSantis wrote. “Senate Bill 1698 would introduce dramatic disruption and harm to many small retail and manufacturing businesses in Florida.”

DeSantis went on to write that the Legislature should propose a similar measure during the next legislative session, with input from all relevant stakeholders.

“Sensible, non-arbitrary regulation will provide businesses and consumers alike with much-needed stability — safeguarding public health and safety, allowing legitimate industry to flourish, and removing bad actors from the market,” DeSantis wrote.

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