CBD Coffee Pioneer Ready to Shake Up The Category With $2 Million Series A Round

Flower Power has a patent-pending process guaranteeing 25 mg of CBD per cup

Flower Power Coffee Company is poised to seize leadership in the explosive CBD coffee category, announcing plans to raise USD $2M in Series A Capital for expanding sales operations, marketing and channel support.

According to Nielsen, as reported in Hemp Industry Daily December 14, 2020, “With consumer interest in hemp-derived CBD showing no signs of waning, companies are looking to one particular consumer product good as a conduit for cannabidiol: coffee.”  As America’s most popular daily beverage, coffee represents the best opportunity to introduce CBD to existing daily consumer behavior.

Flower Power has a patent-pending process that guarantees 25 mg of CBD in every brewed cup.  Other CBD coffee brands lose most of the CBD during brewing. Independent Lab tests show little or no CBD in their brewed cups. Flower Power is the only coffee tested that delivers on its claims for CBD content, leading the charge for truth in labeling in a category where competitive products fall significantly short.

Just as importantly, Flower Power is committed to a premium quality coffee experience. Where others put 8-10 grams of standard ground coffee in each pod, Flower power adds 13 grams of ultra-premium, artisan-roasted high-altitude beans, delivering a richer more satisfying flavor on par with the very best gourmet coffees. 

 “When developing our products, we set out to establish new standards for quality, taste, accuracy and truth in labeling,” explained Chuck Siegel, Flower Power’s CEO. “We’ve taken every measure to ensure premium quality, from the selection of our roasting partners to our rigorous quality control and lab testing,” Siegel continued, “and we’re set up for mass market scale.”

About Flower Power Coffee Company
Flower Power is committed to the highest quality, best-tasting CBD coffees, teas, and accurately served CBD-infused beverages that enhance consumers’ quality of life. In addition to our Light RoastMedium Roast, and Dark Roast blends, Flower Power works with leading food and beverage companies around the world, helping them create best-in-class CBD-infused products. For more information, please visit flowerpowercoffee.com

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