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8 Important Lessons Brick-And-Mortar Merchants Can Pick Up From Ecommerce

Brick and mortar can learn from their digital competition

Some brick-and-mortar merchants see ecommerce as the force that’s grabbing market share and taking customers away from offline stores. We don’t think this is the case. The way we see it, physical and digital retail aren’t rivals — they’re allies.

Research has shown that online retail can help drive in-store traffic, and many retailers can attest to this. Lisa Besseling, the owner of Stoney Lake Furniture, told us that having an ecommerce site helps drive interest for her offline store.

“Even if people don’t pull the trigger and make the purchase on your site, your online presence still generates interest,” says Besseling. “I’ve had people call me and say, ‘I saw this product on the website. I’m not ordering it right now, but I’d like to learn more.’ So customers are asking more questions — and I think whether or not the sale happens online, it still helps generate sales overall.”

If you really think about it, ecommerce can be a boon for your brick-and-mortar stores. That’s why if you’re not selling online yet, you could be missing out on revenue possibilities.

Beyond sales, you’re also missing out on learning opportunities. That fact is, brick-and-mortar stores can learn a thing — or eight — from ecommerce.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the top lessons you can pick up from online retailers. Check them out and see how you can apply them to your business.

Use data analytics and make more profitable decisions

For years, web analytics has been something that only e-tailers could take advantage of. They’d track shoppers on their site and get intel on traffic, timing, bounce rates, etc. Merchants could then use that data to enhance the user experience, test out layouts and calls to action, and more.

Fast forward to the present. Retail analytics software is no longer reserved for ecommerce sites. Today, brick-and-mortar retailers can get their hands on data that can help improve their stores.

In the same way that e-tailers can track sales and user behavior to figure out the best ways to convert customers, you too can now gather insights into valuable shopper habits. 

In-store analytics tools such as people counters, sensors, and mobile foot traffic solutions enable you to get data on the number of people in your location, your store’s conversion rate, dwell time, as well as the most and least visited parts of your shop.

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