5 Questions With Vapor Glass Smoke Shop Denver, Colorado

Vapor Glass is moving forward towards a new version of their business plan

Last year, through the magic of Instagram and the Inter-Webs, I was approached by Joe Betro from the Vapor Glass Smoke Shop in Denver, Colorado. A friendship ensued and I wanted to write an article on this store and the passionate individuals that make up the sum of their parts. Then they were robbed, in the middle of the night, most unfortunate. If this wasn’t enough, the COVID-19 crisis came into view, further delaying their business. Now, deemed as an essential business, Vapor Glass is moving forward towards a new version of their business plan, one that sells the valuable hardware instead of more perishable, soft-goods. I have the “highest” hopes for their success going forward.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from? Where do you reside now? Why cannabis? What do you do?

Allen Moore is from Port Charlotte, Florida, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Allen manages the operations at Vapor Glass Smoke Shop which includes ordering new smoking accessories, ensuring clients are taken care of, and steady klackin. (Making sales).

Lamarr Fox is from Detroit, Michigan where he currently resides. Lamarr has flown out to Denver several times when we were setting up our store to help with store design and sales.

Joe Betro is from Utica, New York and now resides in Detroit, Michigan. Joe has flown out to Denver several times to help with sales. He also manages the business social media profiles.

We believe that selling products adjacent to actual cannabis is easier than selling actual cannabis because of both the buy in costs and heavy regulation in that market for buying and selling product.

WB: What makes your company different, therefore more agile? How do you work smarter than your competition? Indoor or outdoor grown cannabis? Favorite concentrate? Cannagar? 

JB: Our company is more agile than most because we have three like-minded owners who focus on maintaining a variety of accessories at extremely competitive prices. We work smarter than our competition because we have a large quantity of local and online wholesale distributors for our products. We prefer indoor-grown cannabis. Our favorite concentrate is Sunshine #4. If the Cannagar is coated in kief we will smoke it. We will still smoke a Cannagar even if it is not though.

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