3 Tips For Making A Hemp Grow Operation Sustainable Without Overspending
January 26, 2022

3 Tips For Making A Hemp Grow Operation Sustainable Without Overspending

Environmental sustainability in cannabis cultivation operations sounds nice in marketing material, but in practice, hemp growers need to turn a profit to keep their companies alive. 

So how can a cannabis grower do both? 

“Balancing the health of the pocketbook with the health of the planet is a step that all cannabis facilities should consider regardless of their own worldviews, because it just makes sense,” said Av Singh, cultivation expert at Nova Scotia-based Flemming & Singh Cannabis. 

Three key areas to consider when thinking about improving a cannabis operation’s impact on the environment are: 

  • How to add financially viable sustainability
  • How to work sustainability into a business plan. 
  • How to ensure a return on a sustainability investment. 

To gain some advice and insights, Hemp Industry Daily spoke with three cultivation experts.  

Here are their insights.

1. How to add financially viable sustainability.

Singh recommends growers start with a “trash inventory” to take stock of what is lost to the landfill.   

“When you find that the majority of your waste is in rockwool or coco blocks or it’s in foot covers and pesticides, or that most of your money is being spent on electricity or water — you now have real information which you can act on for some more cost-effective and sustainable solutions,” he said. 

For example, foot covers are not costly, but they add trash.   

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