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10 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Tips To Help You Boost Sales And Stand Out

Use some of these tips to help with the holiday sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will take place on November 29 and December 2 respectively, are famous for huge deals and steep discounts. That’s why participating in these days can seem like a big retailer’s game.

But what about SMBs? Can independent retailers reap the rewards (and profits) from these two shopping events? The short answer is yes. If you play your cards right, you too can use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your advantage.

1. Make sure your store looks extra special (regardless of whether you’re participating in Black Friday or not).

Even if you’re not actively running Black Friday deals, it’s important to keep your shop in top shape. This is particularly true if you have a physical store in a mall or shopping center with a big box anchor. These venues see an uptick in foot traffic around Thanksgiving, and some of those shoppers will end up in your shop. 

According to Retail Touchpoints, foot traffic to big box stores are expected to increase by 34%, this year. Small and medium retailers near these stores, could expect a spike as well.

Here are some steps you’d want to take to capitalize on the additional traffic:

  • Spruce up your window displays and fixtures.
  • Bring out your best and newest merchandise.
  • Remember that people are in the mood to buy, so implement sales tactics that would get them to do so. These may include impulse buysupsells/cross-sells, and suggestive selling.
  • Prepare your staff. Keep them on their best behavior.
  • If it makes sense, run a promotion (though it doesn’t have to be a big as what larger stores are doing).

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