Jardín Dispensary Teams up With Ziggy’s Smoke Shop & Classic 33 Studio To Develop A One Of A Kind Artistic Glass Rig

“It’s an honor to carry such a symbolic peace at Jardín”

Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary has teamed up with Ziggy’s Smoke Shop and Classic 33 Studio to develop a one of a kind glass rig valued at $250,000. The pipe’s inspiration is drawn from the hit movie Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and boasts an intricate design made from 100% flameworked glass. The piece sits 24” long, weighs almost 16 pounds, and took about 2,500 man hours to create as a collaboration between six individual artists: Carlos Ali, Hoobs, Carsten, Rocko, Malaquias and Coyle.

“When this piece was being made, something told me that it belongs in Jardín Las Vegas,” said Carlos Ali, Owner of Ziggy’s Smoke Shop. “Jardín is the place to be in Las Vegas and I am very excited to showcase this piece to people from around the world.”

“It’s an honor to carry such a symbolic peace at Jardín and to see the history behind the 1960’s story of Fear and Loathing and compare it to where we are today with the legalization of cannabis,” said Semii Gebreyonas, Director of Marketing at Jardín. “The fight for cannabis reform continues today across the US and Carlos and his team did a great job developing a distinct piece of glasswork surrounding that topic. We are honored to make Jardín its home.”

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