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CHAMPS Looks Back At The Glass Games Masters Invitational

CHAMPS sets its sights on Atlantic City for the CHAMPS East Coast show

First and foremost we’d like to thank everyone who attended the CHAMPS Winter Show in Las Vegas this past week. With 1300+ booths and more buyers than we’ve ever had before, the show was a MASSIVE success. CHAMPS now looks ahead to New Jersey with CHAMPS East Coast at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

But before we head to the east coast we’d like to congratulate all of our Glass Games Masters Invitational participants for one of the BEST Glass Games we’ve ever hosted. Everyone created absolutely incredible works of art under the theme “Energy and Flow – The Movement & Sequence of Glass” and everyone showed once again why the talent pool for the Masters Finals are the best in the world.

Without further delay, here are the Masters Finals Invitational winners:

CHAMPS Masters Invitational Winners

1st Place – Grimm Glass

2nd Place – Dan Hoffman Glass

3rd Place – Puntington Wigwag

4th Place – Armor Glass

5th Place – Happy Time Glass

6th Place – Rusty Glass

7th Place – Catalyst Glass

8th Place – Gnarly Harley

Artists Choice – Happy Time Glass

People’s Choice – Grimm Glass

Thanks again to all of our Glass Games participants for the 2019 Season and we look forward to seeing who takes home first place next year!

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