Smokable CBD Products Could Become Illegal In Indiana

Some in the industry are seeing red instead of green

Indiana could soon be a step closer to legal hemp growth, production and sales statewide if a bill that already passed in the Indiana Senate also passes in the House.

But, the measure has some people in the cannabidiol (CBD) industry seeing red instead of green.

CBD has become popular for some people. “It helps them with pain, inflammation, anxiety,” said Jeffrey Shelton, co-owner of Happy Daze Smoke Shop, a vaporizer store in Indianapolis.

Shelton uses CBD drops. “It helps me with pain,” he said. “I’ve had chronic pain in my back for almost seven years now.”

Vape liquids and flowers with CBD and smokable forms of CBD that are currently legal in Indiana would become illegal under the proposed bill. CBD oil would remain legal. 

State Sen. Randy Head, a Republican from Logansport, said, “I think that having the flower be possessed only by a licensed farmer, producer or seller is an important piece. I’m trying to work on the other parts.” 

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