Illinois Bill Would Ban Certain THC Intoxicants, Impose Regulations On Hemp Products

Illinois lawmakers may make a move in the coming months

Cannabis industry leaders and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are pushing for regulations on hemp products and a ban on those containing a synthetic THC intoxicant called Delta-8. 

Products with it are chemically altered to concentrate THC, making it much more potent than hemp products that have no more than 0.3 percent of total THC like CBD.

“Without regulation, we have no idea what is really in these products,” Joseph Friedman, the former CEO of the former cannabis dispensary PDI Medical, said during a press conference Thursday. “That should be concerning to us all, especially since some of these intoxicating products are chemically modified, and widely available to young folks, teenagers and kids.” 

Some products containing Delta-8 look similar to existing name brand products from candies, to cookies to bags of chips. 

A bill in the Capitol would create a framework to regulate hemp products. That includes setting up standards for licensing, testing and labeling, similar to what’s already in place for cannabis.

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