CHAMPS Trade Shows Brings Female Leaders Into Focus With Addition Of Concierge Officer, Abi Wright, To Team

Abi Wright is an award-winning cannabis media professional

In keeping with its more than 23-year legacy as the leading B2B conference by and for the counterculture, CHAMPS Trade Shows is starting 2022 with the addition of award-winning cannabis media professional, Abi Wright. In her new role as a Concierge Officer, Abi will be working to identify, design, and execute new sales and marketing opportunities for CHAMPS and CHAMPS Media to better serve the B2B interests of all exhibitors, buyers, and guests attending CHAMPS Trade Shows.

Abi Wright

With decades of experience as a cannabis advocate, leader, and media consultant, Abi is already putting her unique insight and understanding of the needs of counter-culture entrepreneurs to work for the CHAMPS community. In addition to her role as a Concierge Officer, Abi’s focus will be on supporting female owners, buyers, executives, and leaders coming to the CHAMPS Trade Shows floor to make an impact.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to honor the contributions and power of women at CHAMPS,” said Wright, who will be working with industry partners to build a program of events at CHAMPS for 2022 and beyond. “Our focus is to make sure everyone who attends our shows feels included, welcomed, and supported. We want to ensure we are creating safe opportunities for women to grow their businesses and relationships within the counter-culture,” she said. “CHAMPS networking connections extend beyond the hours of the conference floor,” Wright continued. “Building market-specific networking opportunities before and after show hours will give us the opportunity to elevate and serve all of our entrepreneurs who are coming to CHAMPS to grow their businesses without separating or excluding anyone.”

Upcoming events will be announced via the CHAMPS Trade Shows’ website and social media channels. Businesses interested in sponsoring or attending the show or series of events should visit or contact Abi Wright at or (818) 616-7413, Ext 7413.


Abi Wright, Concierge Officer | Champs Tradeshows

Email: | Phone: (818) 616-7413, Ext 7413


An award-winning cannabis media professional and industry leader, Abi Wright has forged her own path through the communications and cannabis industries alike. She was the recipient of the “2019 Cannabis MVP” award from the International Cannabis Business Awards for her ability to connect and build relationships while helping grow businesses throughout the Nevada market and beyond. Her work as a media sales director, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, advisor, and industry connector has culminated in a career shaped by her professional passion for cannabis and the counterculture. With Las Vegas as her playground of choice, Abi’s natural drive for success and inspiration is detailed by her 24 years of support, advocacy, and involvement in the cannabis industry in addition to 23 years of professional experience in marketing, social media, publishing, advertising, sales, project and event management, coaching, fundraising, startups, and entrepreneurship.


CHAMPS Tradeshows is the premier business-to-business trade expo serving the counter-culture industry since 1999. Champs exhibitors include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, glass artists, inventors, and suppliers who showcase a massive selection of smoking accessories, counter-culture products, clothing, hand-blown glass, and other specialty gifts.

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