Agriculture Ministry In Poland Calls For 1.0% THC In Hemp

Hemp production in Poland has gradually ticked up over the past five years

Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture has recommended a full 1.0% THC allowable in industrial hemp in a recently unveiled 2-year government farming plan. The country would join nations in different parts of the world which have set allowable THC levels above the globally prevalent barrier of 0.3%, and the 0.2% THC standard observed by most countries in Europe based on European Union guidance.

The proposal pertains only to hemp “in the field” as measured for THC at harvest time.

“This is a welcome statement from the Ministry, and a nice step forward,” said Jacek Kramarz, who represents Poland on the board of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA).

Limits for products needed

Despite the progress, Kramarz said the Polish government also needs to address the issue of THC limits for finished hemp products. Allowing greater limits “in the field” removes a level of risk that farmers’ crops will be “hot,” or over the THC limit, “but it doesn’t solve the fundamental issue of specific guidance for THC levels in finished food and food supplement products,” he added.

Stakeholders in the European Union are currently lobbying for an increase from 0.2% to 0.3% THC “in the field” under an EIHA initiative.

Kramarz said EIHA’s strategy to revert to a limit of 0.3% THC, a benchmark that was in effect in Europe before being trimmed to 0.2% in 1999, is a prudent one, considering the conservative nature of some EU governments. “We welcome any country that wants to push beyond what EIHA is proposing, but we must take more conservative countries into account. For EIHA, it’s more realistic” to achieve the 0.3% concession from EU authorities, Kramarz said.

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