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5 Essential Steps To Successful Smoke Shop Marketing

These tips will help get your smoke shop noticed

moke shops are the big brothers to dispensaries. They’ve been moving bongs, whip-its, bowls, chillums, tobacco – adult-specific paraphernalia – well before the first move to legalize medical marijuana (the 1996 Compassionate Use Act, Prop. 215).

In truth, smoke shops can use our blog as a reference for their own marketing efforts. The restrictions and dispositions of smoke shop marketing resemble that of marketing cannabis-based businesses. (Therefore, you might want to check out “7 Dope Dispensary Marketing Ideas” for even more ideas.)

In Facebook’s advertising policies, “Tobacco” has its own category under the section entitled “Prohibited Content.” It says, frankly, “Ads must not promote the sale or use of tobacco products and related paraphernalia.”

In this post, I outline 5 essential steps to UP your smoke shop marketing game by speaking to things specific to smoke shops and their websites. Now, some advice here might be useful for other types of businesses, but that is only in gist and not in the details, as I talk about specific ways of sidestepping advertising rules while remaining completely white hat.

#1. Create product pages each product

It is incalculable how much money you’re throwing away when you do not do this!

Check out this graph:

smoke shop marketing opportunity - SEO
As you can see from Google Trends, terms with the modifier “near me” have been increasing in Google searches since 2004.

As you can tell from the graph above, product searches with the term “near me” have been way going up since January 2004.

Three things are happening that have contributed in the increase of use of these search terms.

  1. Google is being used more.
  2. Customers who want to see products before they buy them are turning to these modifying terms to find brick-and-mortar stores (i.e. smoke shops) that they can go to to compare and buy products.
  3. People are looking for these products on-the-go (away from home or their usual neighborhood) and are using their mobile phones to locate them.

Now, I’ve clearly proved that terms with “near me” are being searched for more often, I want to say that’s not the only modifying term people turn to to find places nearby to buy their smoking products, though it is the dominant one for this search intent.

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