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Welcome To CHAMPS Winter Show: Our 20th Year!

The event runs Feb 27th through March 1st in Las Vegas

Although CHAMPS Trade Shows now stages events in Denver, Orlando and Atlantic City—with more cities to come—Las Vegas is its home base. The first CHAMPS Trade Show was held 20 years ago in this city. Now CHAMPS presents two shows every year in Las Vegas.

The CHAMPS Winter Show has always been the biggest on the yearly schedule. The industry shows up in epic numbers. This year well over 3,500 retail buyers will attend. They’ll browse an area that encompasses 245,000 square feet, the size of four and a half football fields! CHAMPS is an epic showcase of the ever-expanding cannabis industry. This year, the CHAMPS Winter Show, the largest in its history, will welcome more than 1,100 vendors displaying the wide-ranging merchandise of our industry.

The cannabis industry becomes more “legitimate” each year. More and more states recognizing the simple economic sense that legalizing the plant makes. Entrepreneurs are entering the marketplace without the fear of interference from law enforcement or policy makers. Furthermore, the cannabis industry is spawning hundreds of ancillary businesses and products that address the specific needs of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and cultivators.

As always, CHAMPS will host the world of smokeware—especially glass. The rise of functional glass art (i.e. pipes and bubblers) coincides with the CHAMPS success story. CHAMPS was the first cannabis industry trade show to embrace the community of glass artists and to recognize the demand for sophisticated smokeware. CHAMPS now hosts the Glass Games, where elite artists fashion the figments of their imaginations in a live competition on the convention floor. Watching a singular piece art of come to life through the craft of an artist wielding a red-hot torch is a spectacle not to be missed!

Beyond smokeware, CHAMPS is introducing Dispensary+, a division of the trade show devoted to the needs of those shops that deal in recreational or medicinal cannabis. The needs of a dispensary are very different from those of a smokeshop. Consumers visit a dispensary to fulfill their medical needs or purchase recreational cannabis. It’s not their intention to buy a high-end glass piece or browse t-shirts. Dispensaries have highly specific needs in order to enhance a sustainable retail experience—for themselves and the consumer. At CHAMPS, dispensary owners can meet vendors and businesspeople that can help them realize their dreams of maximum efficiency, conducted in a friendly, non-rushed setting.

The CBD marketplace is out in full force at CHAMPS. There may some hazy legal issues on the federal level and in some states, but the evidence of CBD’s medical benefits only grows. The world is learning fast and CHAMPS is making sure CBD gets its proper place in the spotlight. Browse aisles of every type of CBD product, so you can fulfill the needs of your customers.

CHAMPS is a community of likeminded individuals, who care deeply about the cannabis plant and who strive to create a level playing field for our economic growth. What you’ll remember from CHAMPS is the friendships and connections you’ll make, which will further your business and enrich your life.

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