TikTok Is A Valuable Tool For Companies Selling CBD

TikTok is an e-commerce goldmine

TikTok seems to be staying in the U.S., thanks to a deal in the works with Oracle and Walmart to own a 20% stake in ByteDance’s American operations.

This is great news for dancers. It’s also great news for the CBD industry. 

TikTok is an untapped marketplace for CBD wellness brands if they are willing to make creative adjustments to work around the app’s restrictions. By this point, both the hemp and cannabis industries are accustomed to social media restrictions. The growth for brands that ride the wave now will pay off down the road. 

TikTok is an e-commerce goldmine. It is a powerful tool, particularly in discoverability. People can find offerings through hashtags and its “For You” page organically. There are 800 million monthly active users on the app worldwide. Today, the number of monthly active users has reached 100 million in the U.S., up nearly 800% percent from Jan. 2018, CNBC reports. 

One CBD company that has found success on TikTok is Cannabombz. The CBD topical brand is known best for its namesake bath bombs. Lindsey Corum, CEO and Founder, launched Cannabombz out of her home office in 2016. Based in Chandler, Arizona, the company uses full-spectrum hemp produced on a small farm in North Carolina.

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