This Canadian Store Is Selling Magic Mushrooms To Protest ‘Unjust’ Laws

“We’re out here protesting every single day”

Jordan Armstrong isn’t worried about a police shutdown.

“We’re out here protesting every single day,” said Armstrong, who runs The Golden Teacher magic mushroom shop in downtown Ottawa.

“And laws that are unjust don’t change unless you go out and you make a statement about it. So we’re looking to change laws that we believe are outdated.” 

Since December 2021, Armstrong has been selling magic mushrooms and other products like gummies, chocolates and microdosing capsules that contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin at the shop on the corner of Rideau and Dalhousie streets.

That’s despite the fact magic mushrooms are considered an illegal substance in Canada, available only with a prescription in highly specific circumstances.

Yet there are at least two storefronts in Ottawa openly advertising them for sale.  Along with the Golden Teacher, another store on Preston Street called Shroomyz is set to open May 1, according to its social media page.

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