North Carolina Would Create Vape Registry, Force Other Products Off Store Shelves Under New Bill

HB 900 needs to pass the Senate and the House before the end of session to become law

A new bill would require that the state certify which vapor products and other consumable products are eligible to be sold in North Carolina and punish stores that sell non-certified products.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the proposal Wednesday afternoon. The proposal was added to HB 900, which deals with Wake County leadership academies and passed the House without objection.

“The manufacturer has to get their product certified,” said Sen. Michael Lee, a New Hanover County Republican and primary sponsor of the proposal. “And then those certifications will then be on a public registry so retailers could make sure that they’re selling things that have been approved.”

The bill would need to pass the Senate and then the House before the end of the session to become law. Senate leaders have said they plan to complete their work by the end of the month. The chambers, both controlled by Republicans, have been unable to come to agreement on budget modifications for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

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