Here’s When Myrtle Beach SC Residents Can Give Input On Proposed Smoke Shop Guidelines

In January temporarily banning the city from granting permits to

Myrtle Beach planning officials are looking for public input on the regulations city leaders want to place on vape and smoke shops.

With planning officials tasked with determining if smoke-centric shops should be rezoned within the city, a public hearing is scheduled Tuesday afternoon for community members to share their thoughts on what direction the Planning Commission should go in with crafting an ordinance for City Council.

“What we have is a skeleton at best and it needs a lot of flesh on it before it goes back and that’s going to take a lot of work,” Planning Chairman Bill Pritchard said during their March 5 meeting. “The timeline that they (Myrtle Beach City Council) gave us seems to me is a pretty reasonable timeline to allow us to get the depth into this thing that it warrants before putting people out of business.”

City Council passed an ordinance in January temporarily banning the city from granting permits to businesses selling CBD oil, electronic cigarettes and tobacco paraphernalia, as well as shops primarily selling cigars, cigarettes and/or tobacco products.

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