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Consumers Encourage Retailers To ‘Go Green’

U.S. shoppers feel chains should go further with sustainable retailing

According to the latest research from Retail Insight, U.S. shoppers feel chains should go further with sustainable retailing.

It is estimated that the U.S. sustainability market reached $150 billion in sales last year, according to Nielsen, as more consumers opt to ‘go green’. Indeed, original research of over 1,000 U.S. shoppers by Retail Insight showed over two-thirds (77%) have tried to be more sustainable in their consumption habits in the last 12 months, rising to 88% in the 25–34-year-old demographic.

And while consumers are becoming more environmentally-minded when it comes to purchasing decisions, they are also now willing to spend more on sustainable products. Almost half (49%) said they would be happy paying a premium for goods that were ‘green’, rising to 64% of millennials, and a further 52% would be happy for the price of their weekly shop to be higher if it meant helping the environment.

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