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CHAMPS Glass Games Is Coming To Denver!

Artist submissions are now open for the Denver qualifier

The Denver Glass Games, held at the Colorado Convention Center (Oct. 14-15), is another chance to qualify for one of the final qualifying spots in the Glass Games Master Final in February 2020. While there is no live flame-work at the Denver Show, Glass Games director Matty White and the CHAMPS team have come up with three exciting competitions wherein artists will create their pieces prior to the show.

Artists may submit for two events. However, if you choose two events, one must be the “Marbles” competition. Take all the time you need to create mind-blowing glass art. Then bring it to Denver! Here are the categories.

Goblet Grab (1st place qualifies for the Masters Finals)

Create a goblet! Goblets must be valued at a minimum of $200 wholesale in order to enter the contest. Artists will then “sell” their goblets. CHAMPS will provide a redeemable ticket to the artist for each Goblet.

All entries will be on display at the show. CHAMPS will sell tickets to the actual Goblet Grab. Tickets will be sold at a price of $200 (one entry per person) on a first-come/first-serve basis, e.g. Tickets will be limited to the number of goblets entered in the Grab. If there are any additional tickets available on October 15th, attendees may purchase as many tickets as they wish on a first-come/first-serve basis.

At 3:30 pm, CHAMPS will draw numbers for placement. When a number is called, ticketholders will have a maximum of one minute to choose a goblet in exchange for their ticket.

If artists would like to be involved in the Grab, they may submit a second entry. Artists exchange their entry for a $200 Grab ticket. They will also have the opportunity to place twice in the competition. (Please do not enter a duplicate cup. These are going into the storeowners’ collection.) Matty White, director of the Glass Games says, “We want a bigger, better, badder Grab! Plus, making two different Goblets gives you a better chance to win.”

Artists must be present to win. Winners will be announced at the Denver CHAMPS Trade Show on October 15.

A Game of Marbles (Winner of the “Nicest Set” of marbles qualifies for the Masters Final)

CHAMPS Glass Games is proud to present “A Game of Marbles.” Artists are asked to bring a full set of marbles: one large shooter and ten smaller pieces. The artist with the “Nicest Set” of marbles will win a spot in the Masters, as well as a cash prize. 

In the Marbles game, artists use their own set of marbles to compete in an actual game of marbles, also known as “Ringer.” Artists use their shooter to knock an opponent’s marbles out of the ring. The first player to knock all ten of an opponent’s marbles out of the ring wins the round. 

The event is conducted tournament-style; winners continue on to the next round until a champion is crowned. As the game progresses, more marbles are used in each contest. Winners keep an ever-increasing amount of the spoils of war. The winner of the actual marble game wins all of the marbles they “conquer,” in addition to a cash prize. A Game of Marbles allows artists to exchange their own work with that of favorite competing artists and friends.

Marble Specifications:

  • 10 “regular” marbles—15-16 mm. diameter each
  • 1 “shooter” marble—20-26 mm. diameter
  • Marbles will be measured at the show and must be within the target size. No exceptions!
  • All marbles must be round.
  • All marbles must be artistically designed

Focus V Carta Competition (1st Place Qualifies for Masters Finals)

Focus V Products is sponsoring the “Carta Attachment” event. To compete in this event, a $100 entry fee is required in order to get you a Carta unit for you to keep and use for sizing (All entry fees will be returned to the Glass Games prize money.) once artists have signed up and paid the entry fee, the unit will be shipped to you, which is yours to keep. The attachment is yours to keep.

Click Here to sign up now for the CHAMPS Glass Games in Colorado!

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