CBD Companies That Provide Data About Product Effectiveness Will Outlast Competitors

There are studies that explore the effectiveness of CBD as an anti-inflammatory

Since the onset of COVID-19, considerable attention has been directed toward bolstering the immune system. Many consumers are turning to wellness and self-care products that incorporate adaptogenic botanicals to alleviate stress and nootropics to improve brain function.

CBD is among the botanical products drawing interest, and major brands in the CBD industry have jumped at the opportunity to offer products that claim to support immune-system health or cognitive function.

Lack of scientific data

Currently, brands are launching CBD products that contain other popular dietary supplements such as turmeric, melatonin, elderberry and others. Mixing such compounds is a common trend in the dietary-supplement industry, and many supplement manufacturers produce products with similar hybrids.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with offering CBD products paired with popular supplements, scientific data is lacking on such products’ safety and the efficacy of their proposed effects.

For example, existing studies show the potential effectiveness of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. There are also studies that explore the effectiveness of CBD as an anti-inflammatory. However, there is a gap in the research when it comes to how turmeric and CBD function together as an anti-inflammatory, and manufacturers are disregarding this gap, assuming that adding them together will provide added effectiveness. We all know what happens when we assume things: Consumers lose trust.

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