Stall On Mail Ban Keeps Vape Manufacturers Scrambling
August 25, 2021

Stall On Mail Ban Keeps Vape Manufacturers Scrambling

As the United States Postal Service (USPS) continues to delay a final decision on implementation of the “vape mail ban” provision included in last December’s stimulus package, industry opponents of the ban have been lobbying members of Congress to urge USPS to curb the proposed regulations, which would essentially categorize all vape devices as “cigarettes.” In the meantime, vape manufacturers have been scrambling to meet the tax and documentation requirements the new law imposes–which vary from state to state creating massive operational costs and headaches. 

“It’s been a nightmare,” Dana E. Shoched, Founder and President of O2VAPE, recently told Bloomberg News. “We’re trying to do everything we can to stay compliant, but the states, ATF, the post office—they got sandbagged as well. Most of them don’t know how to comply with it. They don’t have the manpower, or time. They’re just as lost as us.”

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