Rogue And RAW: The Mind-Blowing Story Behind Josh Kesselman’s Rolling Paper Empire

His is the tale of a life-long love turned into a business

“As a kid, I lived in New York City. My dad, who was a sweater maker, used to do magic tricks during the holidays. He would light a rolling paper on fire and throw it in the air, and, poof, it would vanish. That was the only trick my dad knew, but it blew my mind. As a kid you see magic and you think there’s an entire other universe you don’t know about,” sets off Josh Kesselmana man so passionate about paper he makes The Office seem boring.

His is the tale of a life-long love turned into a business that sells its products in almost every country on earth; the tale of RAW.

A young Josh Kesselman

Out of just a handful of counterculture brands to be known in every corner of the globe, RAW is a crucial member of a select elite that has achieved legendary cultural status. Referenced in countless songs and movies, and revered by the largest stars in the world, the brand is a staple for cannabis connoisseurs and smoking enthusiasts alike.

Josh Kesselman at the 2019 CHAMPS Summer Show

But just like any good story, the movie-worthy tale of how RAW got where it is today, is not an easy one to tell. It’s a meandrous ride, and in order to get it right we will have to travel through space and time, to World War II, and then back to the present. So buckle up.

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