Prop. 31: What It Means For Flavored Tobacco Retail In California

Flavored tobacco is any product that have a taste or aroma apart from tobacco

Proposition 31 would prohibit in-person stores and vending machines in California from selling certain flavored tobacco products.

In 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law banning the retail sale of most flavored tobacco products and tobacco product flavor enhancers, but it did not go into effect because a referendum on the law qualified for the ballot, according to the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office. That meant the law had to be held until voters decide whether to put it into effect.

Flavored tobacco products — including cigarettes, cigarillos and electronic cigarettes — are any that have a taste or aroma apart from that of tobacco, such as fruit, mint, honey, chocolate or vanilla, the text of the proposed law states. The proposition would not ban shisha (hookah) tobacco sold and used at the store, certain cigars or loose-leaf tobacco. Stores and vending machines would face a $250 penalty for each violation.

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