Paying Our Respects To Revolutionary Educator And Hashmaker: Frenchy Cannoli Passes Away

Cannoli never failed to share his secrets with generations of would-be hashishins

According to a heartfelt post on Instagram by his wife Kimberly, the beloved hashish and cannabis concentrate teacher, consultant, artisan and activist Frenchy Cannoli passed away on July 18. Cannoli passed away due to surgery complications—which was unexpected, according to his family. 

Cannoli was known for his “unmatched” hash, and most people who were close to him described his character as being utterly unique. He was more or less the authority on the history of cannabis concentrates—and highly respected for that very specific skill set.

“It’s with profound, heartbreaking grief that I share with you due to complications from surgery Frenchy left us on Sunday,” Kimberly posted. “⁠I’m sorry I couldn’t share this with you in person. This seemed like the best way to let you know directly from me.”

Cannoli never failed to share his secrets with generations of would-be hashishins.

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