New Minnesota Law Allows Breweries To Sell Hemp THC-Infused Drinks On Tap

“Having it on tap gives us so many different options”

At Headflyer Brewing in northeast Minneapolis, there’s something new on tap: hemp-derived, THC-infused drinks.

That’s because a new law kicked in July 1 allowing taprooms to serve them this way. Before the change, customers could only buy cans. But if breweries display necessary information otherwise required on a label, they have the green light to sell it without a bottle. 

Dan Schnabel, taproom manager at Headflyer Brewing, said his team moved quickly to offer one of their THC drinks on tap because they anticipated the new statute change, approved by the legislature this session. 

“Having it on tap gives us so many different options for our consumers to taste it, to try it, to enjoy one while they’re here on site,” he said.  “It’s more approachable because not everybody necessarily wants to come in and purchase an entire can and drink an entire can.”

It represents the latest change since lawmakers first legalized the THC edibles two years ago — so long as it’s derived from hemp, marijuana’s cannabis cousin and contains no more than 5 milligrams per serving and 50 milligrams per package. Last summer, liquor stores were allowed to start selling them and that’s also when a 10% gross receipts sales tax on the products took effect, too. 

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