Maximize 420 Sales At Your Smoke Shop Pt. 1 – The Lead Up

This April 20th should be absolutely massive for the industry

With vaccines beginning to roll out and states opening back up after more than a year in lockdown, Smoke Shops and Dispensaries are looking forward to potentially record setting sales next month, especially in the newly legalized adult-use states of New York, New Jersey, and Arizona.

To make sure your Smoke Shop capitalizes on the most important holiday of the year for the cannabis industry, take these tips into consideration when mapping out your holiday sales plans.

Pre-Set The Tone With Giveaways And Raffles Based On 420 Sales

Customer rewards are always a great incentive for repeat customers and incentivizing higher per-sale figures. On 420, you’ll need to double down on your efforts to reward your customers for maintaining loyalty while everyone else is trying to lure them in. Giving additional reward points per dollar spent or allowing people to get free gifts per specific amount spent goes a long way.

Raffles also really help raise the dollar amount spent per sale. For instance, giving away a rig worth a specific dollar amount MSRP and giving one entry into the raffle for every $10 spent. Keep hammering home the concept by showing some of your top pieces off online. Be careful with your strategy however, showcasing hemp-flower or Delta-8 products can be tricky as some platforms have banned promotion of these particular items. Glassware / Vape products should all be okay regardless of platform. However, if you are promoting on YouTube always make sure to check the 18+ option on the view.

Utilize Social Media To Get The Word Out

Let’s face it, in the digital age those who are connected reign supreme in sales. Social media is among the top tools for advertising to your consumer, and utilizing social media to point out raffles, giveaways, and new sales specials will help lock-in potential customers who might otherwise have been planning to stock up elsewhere.

Make Your Storefront Inviting

There are a number of things that you can do to make your storefront more inviting to passerby’s. Chief among them, especially in nicer climates, is keeping your front door open the entire day. Keep good music playing (permit or laws permitting you could even set something up outside) so that it draws attention to the fact that your doors are open and you are ready for business on the holiday, maybe even doing special holiday hours (laws permitting).

For higher trafficked spots that are still under retail restrictions, make sure to account for this variable in your operational plan by potentially putting tents on the sidewalk (assuming all local laws and permits) or other apparatus to protect your customers from the weather while maintaining social distancing waiting their turn in the store.

Make Your Sales Specials Unique

On any other day, you might get away with running a repeat sale, but on 420 you’ll need to get more creative in order to lock in buys. Day-Only combo deals, time based incentives, and other tie-in sale initiatives are a great way to make sure your customers are coming in the doors and actually spending money.

Make your 420 sales rival your Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals in attractiveness to the consumer, but also keep in mind price isn’t the only factor here, but quality is a major factor too. Having a good wide birth of product availability from a number of different price points is excellent at ensuring that no matter who comes through the door, you’ll be able to offer them something that they want at a price point they can’t refuse.

Stay tuned to next week for Part 2 of this guide!

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