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How To Increase Smoke Shop Sales

People are searching online for these businesses

You may be surprised to find out that smoke shops and head shops are one of the most popular verticals for SEO and online marketing. There are thousands of smoke shops across the United States, and to be honest, there’s only about 50 who are really doing things the right way.

With that being said, I know how busy these owners are and I know a lot of them are personally working in their shops every single day for 12+ hours.  So here’s an easy list to help all of these head shop hustlers to start increasing their sales.

1. Make sure you’re at the top of Google

If you’re not showing up in the top 3 results when you search for “smoke shops” or “head shops”, then guess what – the only people who are finding you are the ones walking or driving by your shop. People are searching online for these businesses when they’re in need of some smoking supplies. SEO for head shops is a crucial component for capturing those customers who are ready to buy.

2. Work on customer reviews

You might think it’s obvious, but this is one of the most important ways to get more customers in the door. Customer reviews are important for SEO and you can be absolutely positive that when you’re in the top 5 results for customers searching for “smoke shops”, they’ll end up going to the one that has the best and most reviews.

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