Feds Finally Crafting National CBD Rules

The standards could help forge a consistent national marketplace

After years of states passing their own rules concerning cannabidiol – more commonly known as CBD – the federal government is now quietly taking the first steps to regulate it.

The F&B industry is ahead of them: You can already get CBD in gummies, oils, lotions and juices, and Arizona Iced Tea and Ben and Jerry’s have been testing it. But as states moved to regulate, the federal government sat on the sidelines, leaving CBD in legal limbo.  That began to change a couple of weeks ago in what could be the beginning of the biggest change for the CBD market since the Farm Bill of 2018 ended classifying hemp and products derived from it as controlled substances.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in late October published its interim final rules for domestic hemp production in the Federal Register, including rules regarding CBD, a product of hemp. How big a deal could this be? Think about the end of Prohibition. The federal government is finally creating standards that could help create a national marketplace. That could help move CBD from the margins to the mainstream, adding security, safety and consistency to manufacturing.

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