Edie Parker’s Latest Whimsical Weed Accessories Help Fight The Criminalization Of Cannabis

15% of proceeds from Heyman’s new collection will go to the Last Prisoner Project

Brett Heyman, designer and founder of the beloved bag label Edie Parker, has always been a believer in the power of cannabis to heal. With her line of stash boxes, ashtrays, and rolling trays, called Flower by Edie Parker, she hopes to dispel any negative connotations that have been traditionally associated with marijuana use and its criminalization. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report from October 2019, police made more than 663,00 arrests for marijuana-related violations in 2018, a number that is more than 21% higher than the total number of violent-crime arrests. With marijuana now legalized in so many states around the country, these numbers are striking. In the hopes of making a change on this front, 15% of proceeds from Heyman’s new collection will go to the Last Prisoner Project, a criminal-justice organization that helps fight for prisoners’ rights and their release from jail time due to minor marijuana-related crimes or possession.

Today, she’s releasing a limited capsule collection of Flower by Edie Parker pieces, along with three handbags, made in collaboration with artist Lorien Stern. Based in the Mojave Desert, Stern’s work is all about nature, specifically the desert flora and fauna that she’s surrounded by at home. For this collection, Stern created whimsical insect and reptile motifs for Heyman’s ceramic smoking accoutrements. As Stern explains of the choice to give back to the Last Prisoner Project, “I feel it is the duty of those of us who enjoy and or profit off of weed products to help those who have been unjustly criminalized for partaking in an industry that is now legal.” She adds, “I find this to be a great opportunity to share and support the work of the Last Prisoner Project while we celebrate our collaboration launch.”

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