DeSantis Vetoes Florida Vape Ban

He called the practice less dangerous than cigarettes

In his veto letter, DeSantis said he was concerned that the bill banned tobacco-free vaping as an alternative to adults using cigarettes, which he called more dangerous than vaping. He called the part of the bill that would have raised the smoking age to 21 “superfluous given this is already mandated by federal law.”

“This legislation would almost assuredly lead more people to resume smoking cigarettes, and it would drive others to the hazardous black market,” DeSantis wrote. “The latter consequence is especially significant because the much-publicized cases of lung injury associated with vaping in recent years has been traced to illegal, or black market, vape cartridges containing THC, not to the types of legal aping products this bill would abolish.”

“The United States and Florida surgeons general have declared vaping to be an epidemic. As the attorney general and a mother, I will continue to advocate for legislation and in our courts to protect Florida’s children,” she said in a prepared statement.

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