CHAMPS Glass Games

CHAMPS Glass Games: A Hot Ticket

The Glass Games is a spectacle not to be missed

Glass. It’s something we often take for granted. Windows, your coffeepot, a camera lens, that drink in your hand. Glass is everywhere!

At CHAMPS Trade Shows, the Glass Games are the centerpiece of the 3-day event. It’s a hot competition—literally—with 40 of the glass community’s elite artists wielding 1,800-degree torches in a competition for cash prizes.

On Feb. 27th—Mar. 1st, the Glass Games Masters Final will be staged at CHAMPS Winter Show in Las Vegas. These Glass Games match up the winners of the 2018 competitions that were held in the other cities on the CHAMPS Trade Shows schedule.

Forty artists will have two days—7 hours each day—to create a one-of-a-kind custom, functional piece. That means a pipe that’s smokeable! Legendary glass pipe innovator Bob Snodgrass will serve as Judge Supreme. He’ll be assisted by guest judges from BFF Glass, Nathan Belmont Glass and BFF Glass.

The Glass Games have a long history. Nearly all of the top artists in the world of functional glass art have competed over the years. In 2010, CHAMPS hosted the first Las Vegas Flameoff, which eventually evolved into the Glass Games. The artists Laceface and Buck won that first competition.

For attendees of CHAMPS, the Glass Games is a spectacle not to be missed. The artists compete in a corral, if you will, with their torches facing outward. Spectators can circle the competition and watch the artists perform their magic from just a few feet away.

Here are the winners of the 2018 Glass Games who will compete in the Glass Games Masters Final: G Check Glass, Terry Sharp, Tony Kazy Glass, Bonelord Glass, Windstar Glass, Lyric Glass, Takoda Madrona, LaCorte Lampworking, Huffy Glass, Grimm Glass, DaPo Glass, Noah the Glassblowa, Shaggy, Eric Runes, Dan Hoffman Glass, Gnarly Harley, Flash, Hardman Art Glass, Steve H, Smitty Glass, Mama’s Glass, Erkels Glass, Dellaluna Glass, Shuhbuh Glass, Zam Glass, Greg Wilson Glass, Rob Morrison Glass Hex Glass, HicDogg, Fish Habitat Glass, Wonka Farms, Jedi Glassworks, Arehart’s Glass, Rusty Glass, CMartin Glass, Liquid Glass Works, Jes Durfee Glass, Byron Keirnan Glass and Scott Ratner Glass.

Be there for this spectacular contest among superior craftspeople. You’ll come away from the Glass Games with a whole new respect for what genuine artistry is all about.

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