CBD Might Experience Another Boom In The Beyond Tobacco Movement

In recent years, smokers have turned to CBD products

Most consumers understand tobacco’s dangers, but they still love the ritual of smoking, chewing, and the head rush that nicotine provides. This habit has led to a search for comparable products, and the market has responded quickly with innovative technology targeting specific elements that tobacco users crave. For example, vapes and e-cigarettes help consumers get the sensation of smoking—some even deliver nicotine to help eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

But in recent years, smokers have turned to CBD products to help reduce the anxiety associated with kicking the habit. New brands are popping up everywhere, selling CBD oil, unprocessed flower, pre-rolled smokeable, edibles, and just about any other format you can think of. For example, Beyond Tobacco contains no nicotine or tobacco, but it looks and feels like a real cigarette. And Black Buffalo’s tobacco-free dip provides chew aficionados with the same taste and texture of smokeless tobacco and medical-grade nicotine.

Can CBD Really Replace Tobacco?

While the wellness market is hoping for the next cure-all in CBD, the evidence is still nonconclusive. CBD is mostly unregulated by the FDA, and more research is needed to understand the efficacy of CBD for most uses and its long-term health impacts.

But initial feedback has been encouraging, and researchers have not shown that CBD has significant long-term adverse effects on the body. In light of all this, the CBD industry might be poised to experience another boom in the “beyond tobacco” movement.

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