CBD-Infused Yerba Mate Maker Milonga To Launch K-Cups, Nespresso Pods

“We felt that the American, non-‘matero’ community was being left out”

Miami-based company Milonga Matemaker of CBD-infused organic yerba mate, is launching a new product following the success of its initial offering, the first batch of which sold out in just two weeks.

Milonga Mate will soon be sold not only in loose-leaf format, but also in capsules compatible with Keurig machines, or K-cups. Each capsule contains organic yerba mate that has been infused with 20 mg of water-soluble CBD.

“Milonga Yerba Mate combines the best of two worlds that have been giving humans health-related benefits for several centuries. We felt that our consumers loved the loose leaf version because it can be put inside of the mate gourd and drank the traditional way; but we felt that the American, non-‘matero’ community was being left out,” co-founder Shadi Atassi told Benzinga.

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