Cannabis Social Consumption Pilot Program In MA “Would Make A Lot Of Sense,” Says Gov. Baker

He also reiterated that the decision ultimately rests with the Cannabis Control Commission

Governor Charlie Baker appeared this week to be open-minded to the possibility of a pilot program for marijuana social consumption lounges, ahead of a meeting where cannabis regulators are expected to discuss potential policies for the venues.

Asked about his stance on social consumption Monday, Baker said decisions about consumption sites are “up to the [Cannabis Control Commission]” but said a pilot program would be a good way to determine the “positives and negatives” of the potential addition to the industry. “It’s not up to me,” Baker told reporters at the State House. “It’s up to the CCC. What I’ve said many times about most of the issues associated with the roll-out of recreational marijuana is it’s really important that they, the CCC, understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it as they make these decisions.”

When a reporter asked whether a pilot program for social consumption would be helpful, Baker said he’s a “big believer in doing demonstrations and pilots.” “I think the issues around, sort of, enforcing the general rules of the game associated with how recreational marijuana is going to work when you get into the social consumption sites, and all that comes with it, are really hard and are really complicated. I think doing it on a pilot basis would make a lot of sense,” he said.

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