A State-by-State Look At Where Cannabis Is Legal

An easy-to-understand look at all 50 states

The marijuana industry is fast-paced is more ways than you can imagine. Sure, growth estimates for the industry are through the roof, with various Wall Street estimates suggesting that global annual sales could grow to between $50 billion and $200 billion in roughly a decade’s time. But this isn’t the only dynamic aspect of legal cannabis.

For example, innovation and product development are constantly evolving. Grower Cronos Group formed a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to gain access to its microorganism development platform in September. Cronos will be using Gingko’s platform to create yeast strains that are capable of producing eight targeted cannabinoids at commercial scale, which could prove considerably cheaper than using traditional extraction techniques on cannabis and/or hemp plants. Cronos can then sell this product, or use it to create a line of derivative pot products in Canada.

Another area where we’re seeing the constant evolution of the cannabis landscape is at the state level in the United States. Between the perceived medical benefits of cannabis and the possible tax revenue it can generate, more and more states have been waving the green flag on marijuana in recent years.

With that being said, understanding which states have, and have not, legalized recreational or medical marijuana can be tricky. Below, I’ve outlined an easy-to-understand look at all 50 states that leaves no doubt as to where each stands on cannabis.

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