5 Design Ideas To Steal From This High-Design Smoke Shop

The space at Alcove took about 10 days to build out

Located on the Lower East Side, Alcove might just have the biggest art-worthy collection of cannabis accessories in the world. There are bongs rendered in Venetian glass, fancy stone pipes, and a variety of rolling papers that look like they should be on display at MoMA. Allie Pisarro-Grant and Alex Smith, a couple with a background in art, opened their store on 4/20 to celebrate what they call “heady home goods.” With that said, there’s also a solid collection of jewelry, books, and homewares that have nothing to do with THC.

“Two of our friends built out the space in about 10 days,” says Allie, of the cozy, 340-square-foot, packed-to-the-brim store. “We loved the space because of the scalloped ceiling.” The majority of the items are on display for customers to freely touch and explore, rather than behind glass, an intentional choice made by the duo, spurred by their personal not-so-great experiences in smoke shops.

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