Wood Carver Grabs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Attention With ‘Terminator’ Tobacco Pipe

The former Governor received quite the birthday present

An amazing story is going around Instagram involving a Ukrainian wood pipe carver by the name of Max Bogdan and his admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Terminator movie franchise. The talented woodcarver set out to craft a briar pipe of the damage time-traveling cyborg assassin (in great detail) along with a liquid metal T-1000 pipe tamper.

After finishing his masterpiece, Bogdan posted the finished pipe to Reddit to celebrate the Governator’s 73rd birthday. Well, the long shot paid off as Arnie himself chimed in on the post asking to purchase the pipe from the artist. After learning that it was actually a gift for him all along, Schwarzenegger returned the gesture of kindness by agreeing to send back a signed photo of himself smoking from the hand-carved pipe. And now, that day has come. Taking to Instagram, Bogdan has just shown off, as promised, a signed photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking from his Terminator pipe.

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