The New Reefer Madness? Poison Control Centers Sound Alarm Over Delta-8

The surge in popularity has caused a recent overzealous crackdown

Late last week, the University of Virginia Health System’s Blue Ridge Poison Center issued a troubling warning.

Over the past six months, “dozens” of people, including at least one toddler, had been hospitalized or sought medical attention after consuming products containing delta-8 THC. Doctors hadn’t seen anything like it, as the News Leader reported: in 2020, the state poison center received exactly zero calls related to Delta-8 THC.

As CBS-19 News’s version of the story pointed out, the timing could not have been worse. On July 1, Virginia will become the first state in the South to legalize cannabis products containing delta-9 THC for adults 21 and over.

This means the good citizens of Virginia will be the next populace subjected to a barrage of poison-control bulletins and breathless news items warning about the scourge of edible cannabis products.

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